Is Flossing Really That Important?

Yes, yes, yes!

Flossing does 2 very important things for your oral health

#1. Flossing Fights Cavities

Flossing .. When we brush our teeth, we can not remove plaque and food debris from in between them. And voila.. cavities. If you’re not flossing, and your dentist diagnoses a cavity in between your teeth, it’s likely not just going to be an isolated finding. It often happens that all 4 corners of your mouth are affected the same way from not flossing.

Children are especially at risk for inter proximal decay as their diets are more highly concentrated in sugars.

Also, kids depend on their parents to floss their teeth for them as little hands come with little dexterity. If you have a child under the age of 8 or 9, please floss their teeth for them every night. Floss your own while you’re at it (use a different piece of floss please!).


#2. Healthy Gums

Second, flossing helps reduce your risk of gum or periodontal disease. The Canadian Dental Association website states “If you don’t floss, you are missing more than one third of your tooth surface” when brushing alone. Flossing removes inter proximal plaque, (essentially a layer of bacteria) and rids the mouth of a source of inflammation.

Plaque is an invisible layer of biofilm that continuous develops on your teeth daily. Consistent nightly flossing will result in less likelihood of bleeding gums and keep your mouth in a healthier state.


Stay Healthy!

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