Dental Anxiety is Real and Your Dentist Is Trained For It

Feeling positive about your dental visit is important. I know this can be a tall order for some but stay with me.

It’s important that you work with a dentist that puts you at ease. Dental professionals, including dental assistants and dental hygienists, are keenly aware of the struggles some of their patients face with “going to the dentist.” In more severe cases, we’d use the medical term Dental Phobia. Read the article Practical Management of Dental Anxiety by the Canadian Dental Association.


Talk To Us

It is important to communicate with your dental professional. If you’re feeling anxious, tell us! Dentists become patients too at some point. During treatment, you should feel comfortable expressing any pain, discomfort or issues.

Please ask questions. Knowing what is going to happen will likely help you relax.


During Your Treatment

There are several relaxation techniques you can try during treatment.
First, focus on your breathing. Proper breathing is instrumental in keeping calm in stressful situations.

Listening to music during treatments has been scientifically proven to ease dental anxiety. Perhaps try bringing your headphones to your next appointment.


Communicate, You Are Not Alone

I mentioned this earlier, but feel it’s important to repeat it – you should always share your feelings with your dental professional before and during any treatment.

Please don’t feel shy to mention your feelings – these are quite normal, and dental professionals are keenly sensitive to them. You are not alone with your anxieties.

I can assure you – every dental professional’s goal is to successfully treat you with a minimum of anxiety, stress, or discomfort.


Prevention Is The Best Way To Avoid The Dentist’s Chair

In my experience, patients who come regularly, every 6 months, rarely need any invasive procedures and have less stress about coming to the office. They habituate or get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office. Plus they have the benefit of having me nag…I mean…remind them of proper oral hygiene techniques and the importance of flossing. A good diet review, especially when dealing with children can be eye opening for the parent as there is something about that dental chair that makes everyone tell me the truth of what they are eating.

If you “hate going to the dentist” (hehe, it’s ok, I hear this sometimes) then be sure to stick with your regular routine cleanings & checkups. Also, speak with your dentist about strategies you can employ to prevent tooth decay.

Have a question? Just Ask. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.


Wishing You Great Health!


AUTHOR, Dr Lisa Fruitman

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