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23 Tips To a Healthier Smile


Here Are My 23 Top Tips for a Healthier Smile   Overall Care for Your Mouth • BRUSH - Using a fluoride toothpaste, brush your teeth before bed, and at least once during the day. • FLOSS - Using floss (or an inter-dental bush) thoroughly clean between your teeth at least once per day. [...]

23 Tips To a Healthier Smile2020-10-21T17:18:39-04:00

Water … There’s A Lot To Talk About!

2020-10-21T17:18:43-04:00 can’t live without it.   Also, your best friend for optimal oral health. But not all water is created equal! Lets talk about the best type to help protect against cavities and what you choices you may be making to jeopardize your teeth. City of Toronto tap water...the gold standard! In the early [...]

Water … There’s A Lot To Talk About!2020-10-21T17:18:43-04:00
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