Thank You


Thank you for submitting your pre-screening COVID-19 questionnaire.

If you answered yes to any of the questions, we will be calling you shortly to follow up.

Here are a few new procedures in place for your dental appointment:

1. Please arrive precisely at the time of your appointment.
We will not be able to accommodate you earlier in order to adhere to our social distancing guidelines. If you arrive late, we may not be able to treat you that day and a missed appointment fee may be rendered.

2. Please wait outside the office for your appointment.
Once we are ready for you, we will call your cell phone and allow you in.

3. Please DO NOT bring any other people in your family to the appointment, unless you are a parent or a caregiver accompanying the patient to the appointment!

4. You must wear a mask.
You must arrive to the office with your own face covering (mask). You must wear this mask at all times in the office, except for when Dr. Fruitman gives you permission in the operatory to remove it for your examination and treatment.

5. Upon entry and exit
Upon entry and exiting, you will be asked to perform hand hygiene and use a hand sanitizer. You may not wear your own gloves in the office as we can not be sure that they are not previously contaminated. You will then have your temperature taken and recorded.

6. Oral rinse
Once you are brought into a treatment room, you will be asked to do a pre-treatment oral rinse of 1% hydrogen peroxide in accordance with our guidelines.

7. Please use the washroom prior to your arrival
We ask that you please use the washroom prior to your arrival. We are not allowing patients to use our washroom at this time.

8. Physical distancing
We ask that while in our office, you respect physical distancing except for when in the treatment room.

9. Cancellation
We still require two (2) business days’ notice for changes or cancellations to an appointment in order to avoid a fee.

10. COVID testing
If you have had a COVID-19 test and are still awaiting results, please inform our office prior to your appointment.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping maintain everyone safe!


Useful COVID-19 Resources and Links



If you think that you might have COVID-19, you can complete a COVID-19 self-assessment:

If you or your child screens positive here, it is critical that you call 1-866-553-7205 to be screened and verify if you should attend an assessment center or self-isolate at home for 14 days.

For information about COVID-19 Assessment Centres:


For More COVID-19 Information

For reliable, up-to-date information on the Covid-19 outbreak, we recommend:

1. The World Health Organizations Novel Coronavirus Information Page

2. The CDC Novel Coronavirus Information Page

3. Health Canada’s 2019 Novel Coronavirus infection Outbreak update page


Stay healthy!

Dr. Lisa Fruitman